I’m so tired I can’t hold my eyes open, but I lie in bed awake.  Hour after hour.  Bubby is purring next to me, under the blanket.  I can’t relax completely because I know that if I move, he’ll scratch me.

George is snoring on the other side of the bed and I’m jealous.  Any time, anywhere, he’s out like a light.

So unfair.

I shift my body ever so carefully.  Phew.  Did it without a scratch.

In the morning I have to remember to take Prince to Paw Pals to board for the night so he won’t bark his head off while George and I go out for the evening.  Crazy dog.

I wonder what news Jen wants to break to us this weekend.  God, please help her to feel better.  Pregnancy is hard.

Why won’t she tell me her news now?  Are they moving?  Having twins?  Triplets?

What to have for dinner tomorrow night….  Oh, that’s right…we’re going out….

Has anyone read the story I just posted on my blog?

It’s midnight already.  (Groan)  I’ve been in bed two hours.

Why can’t my feet be still?

I want to roll over, but, the cat….

It’s supposed to snow tonight.  It’ll be cold in the morning.  What should I wear to work….never know with this crazy weather.

I wonder when Chris and Jen will have kids.

Security cameras are being put up all around my office.  If I so much as scratch a boob, someone will see.

I need to bake some Loveless Café biscuits before the buttermilk goes bad.

Baby Hannah is so cute!

What drawer or closet should I tackle next in my decluttering?

Could it be restless leg syndrome?

(Trying to pull down PJ pant leg with other foot.)

I think Jen wants to have a baby.

My hair is getting too long.  Can’t keep it out of my face.

I hate sudoku.

Hope Kip had a good birthday.

That video with the cows jumping for joy is so fun.

George went to bed at 8:00 tonight.

I’m an accountant but don’t like numbers.  That’s dumb.

It’s 1:00am.  Already?

(Moving from side to stomach.  Moving Bubby’s foot away from my mouth.)

Ick!  Cat hair in my mouth!

A pet goat would be so much fun!

I love the Benjamin Franklin puppet Jen made in grade school.  I should take it to work to show Jacqui.

Amy’s returning my typewriter that she borrowed.  George will want to give it to Goodwill.

I love Ann Patchett’s book.  I want to express myself so well.

Can’t get comfortable (moving from my stomach to my side.)

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me!

God, please comfort Jenna and Jeff after losing baby Stella!  I can’t imagine….And be there for Alta, Steve, and the rest of their sweet family.

I should get up and read.

But I want to sleep!

The clock is chiming the half hour.  Is it 1:30?  2:30?  3:30?

Insomnia or ADD?  Don’t know.  Don’t care.  Just want sleep.

Chirrrrpppp.  Chirrrrpppp.

Not the crickets!  7am already???

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  1. Susie
    Apr 7, 2014

    well done! i was right there in the bed with you! oh. that doesn’t sound right.

    😉 love you and your sharing heart.

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