Growing up in a home with what today would be called helicopter parents, I was sheltered and well cared for, safety and security being key requirements for my well-being. Danger was strictly avoided. I attempted to provide the same sort of environment for my children, quitting my career to stay with them, rarely even using babysitters. So why is it that in my old age I have taken to living dangerously? Since age fifty, I have ridden in hot air balloons, done ride-alongs with cops, shot guns, gotten tattooed, ridden motorcycles and, most recently to celebrate my sixtieth year, jumped out of an airplane. Out of all these activities, the skydive adventure seemed the most dangerous. At least, it was the one to scare me the most, leaving me trembling for hours....


What causes hair to turn gray? I stopped coloring mine several months ago and have noticed only a slight increase in silvery streaks. Not too bad, for my ripe old age. But I did something the other day that seemed to speed up the process. I went skydiving. That’s right. I jumped out of an airplane. At 14,500 feet. Several hours after the dive, I looked at myself in the mirror and was surprised to see that the gray area of my head had doubled in size between dawn and dusk. Skydiving. Powerful pastime.