The Usual Delay

I delay my mammogram every year. In the past, two of them have shown microcalcifications, tiny indicators of cancer. Why would I give anyone opportunity to detect those again?

So, I drag my feet at mammogram time, waiting months after getting a reminder letter before scheduling. Instead of an annual test, I end up biannual.

I finally got it done last month, only to live in limbo awaiting results, wondering if another lumpectomy loomed in my future should specks be detected. Perhaps more radiation. Would I take any action? I’m nearly 68, older than I ever expected to be, so why not let it run its course? Que sera, sera

But the report finally came: an all clear, thank You, God. Maybe if I’m still around in two years, I’ll revisit that machine. Allowing, of course, for the usual delay.

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