Letters of Old-Age

The letters keep coming.

First, it was letters inviting us to join the AARP. Those started around age fifty. We refused to join.

Next came letters inviting us to dinners hosted by financial planning firms, wanting us to consider their services in retirement planning. Well, boys, you’re a bit late. We’re in our sixties and already retired.

Those were followed by letters asking us to visit the newest senior living home, certain that we wanted to give up yard work and privacy to live in the company of others just like us. No, thanks. I have no desire to eat every meal in a large dining hall with a hundred other old people. Call me crazy, but I like privacy and quiet, and I enjoy people of different ages.

And now we’re invited to a Free Dinner and Life Planning Seminar hosted by Williamson Memorial Funeral Home & Cremation Services to hear “a renowned expert explain how to achieve a secure and confident future.” I suspect the future they envision for us includes a couple of burial plots. And they call that life planning.

Somehow, I need to get off of the old-age mailing list, but I guess that will require my obituary. Wonder if I could place one of those in the newspaper without actually dying….

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