Cutting Off the Years

After a year in retirement, I was feeling old and drab. Perhaps it was time for a change. My hair was long, all one length and worn in a ponytail. I wanted to freshen my look with something new so it was back to shoulder-length hair with layers. The natural curl bounced back in and, since the hair now hangs loose, the gray prominent around my hairline is covered. The result is that I look less gray–without using hair dye!

I didn’t realize quite how different my appearance was until an encounter with a little neighbor girl, Arden. Arden knows me as Mrs. Karen and is always excited to see me. On this particular day, she gave me a big hug, but then asked her mom, “Is this Mrs. Karen’s daughter?”

You’ve heard the phrase, what a difference a day makes. But I say, what a difference a haircut makes!

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