Opportunities in Retirement

There are many opportunities when you reach a certain age. My husband and I have been inundated with invitations to retirement strategy seminars. We’ve decided we should start attending each and every one because we DO need to understand how Social Security and Medicare work. It helps that these meetings include gourmet dinners. Sure beats cooking…or crashing funerals.

There are other freebies that come with retirement. Just today, George received an “Authentic Gift Delivery Notification” from God knows who. It included a scratch-off, something old people always enjoy. George waited with bated breath as I scraped off the little silver circle. Lo and behold, the numbers matched, making George one of the “Grand Prize Winners!” We’re supposed to call immediately to learn whether we won a Sony 50” HD TV, a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, a 7-Day Royal Caribbean Cruise, or a 3-Day Getaway with 2 Round-Trip Airline Tickets! And if we go to the meeting to claim our prize, they’ll activate a Target gift card for us, ranging from $5 to $100 in value. I just know ours will be for $100. How could it not?

We’re winners!

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