The Wordless Nose

Who knew that words originate from the left nostril?

I’ve scarcely written in the two months since I had a chunk of my nostril removed. I posted a brief essay about not taking my nose for granted, but other than that, everything I’ve tried to write has seemed dead and lifeless–like the piece of me that’s gone.

I have excuses. (1) I couldn’t wear glasses for a number of weeks and couldn’t see to write. (2) I slept a lot during my recovery. (3) My brain isn’t getting enough oxygen since I can no longer breathe through my left nostril.

So how do I get my words back?

I was pinning my hopes on nose reconstruction, but that dream got shot to pieces when I saw the plastic surgeon. Transplanting cartilage and then covering it would require complex surgery involving a skin bridge (a Star Trek Klingon-look), with no guarantee the graft would adhere to my nose. In other words, it would give me an opportunity to become even more disfigured. Oh, boy.

I’ve shed tears over this, but can’t seem to find words.

I wonder if one of my ears could take over….

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