A Letter From My Parents

In going through boxes we pulled from the attic, I found a letter my parents wrote when I graduated from college.  I had forgotten its existence, but was warmed by its words when I read it today.  So, I share with you a piece of my history:

May 16, 1976

Dearest Karen:

Graduation Day is Here.

It seems only yesterday that you were just a little girl with curly locks. Now you are an attractive young lady with a whole new life in front of you.

Sixteen years in school seems like an eternity and yet this is really just the beginning. You now have a good foundation on which to begin the real education of your lifetime. Your academic excellence and your attitude and actions with the life God gave you has made us very proud and it is our privilege to say, “that’s our little girl.” Yes, even though you are now a young lady, you will always be our “little girl.” We have tried to give love and guidance during these years of your life and we give God the glory for providing the opportunity and for the way He has guided in our efforts and in your life.

Your life is now before you. We will always love you and will help when we can, but what you do with your life now depends more and more upon you. You were encouraged to make decisions on your own but we were always in the background as a support. However, we will not always be there and it becomes necessary for you to make decisions all on your own then follow them through. Life will not always be smooth and in retrospect you will regret some of the decisions you made; however, your life will always be beautiful if you continue to let God be your guide. It is through our own failures and successes that we mature and learn better how to cope with the problems of life. Often there is no clear-cut direction offered by God for He wants us to use the mind that He has given us as we venture out into the unknown, but He is always there to give strength and courage to us.

Today we are very proud of you. You have blessed us in so many ways. As you look to the future, our prayer is that you will always look to Our Loving Savior to give the needed wisdom in planning and carrying out your life and that you will remain beautiful and faithful in His Love. This is a wonderful world in spite of what man has done to it and challenges are all around just waiting for the right person to come along and accept them. Reach out and select the challenge you feel is right for you and then pursue with all your effort until your goal is reached. Set your goals high but not so high that they are unattainable. Don’t rest on your laurels once success has been achieved but reach out for newer heights. Never forget those around you and the importance of true friends and loved ones. Above all, always remember that we love you, but more important yet, God Loves You.

Congratulations on this Your Graduation Day.

Love always,

Mother and Daddy


I miss my parents.  And yes, I cried when I read this reminder of how much they loved me.

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