I don’t understand people who leave trash in their yards. One yard I pass numerous times every day has had the same pieces of litter lying in it for over a week. Drives me crazy.

It’s the holiday season, so I tried to assume the folks were traveling and not available for maintenance. Yesterday, though, I noticed all of their outside Christmas lights and decorations had been removed. Yet the trash remains.

How can people be in their yard, gathering decorations to put away for the year, and ignore four or five large pieces of paper lying in plain view?

George, trying to strike a positive note, suggested that diversity in the neighborhood is a good thing, that I should be pleased to have neighbors with different attitudes and beliefs, and not expect everyone to be just like me.

Diversity is one thing. Allowing your part of a neighborhood to look like a garbage dump is quite another since it affects real estate values and everyone else’s enjoyment of their properties.

Then we passed yet another yard with a wad of trash to which George pointed and said, “See? Now doesn’t that make you happy?”


I think it’s Neighborhood Nabber time.

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