Buick is trying to change its image, based on recent commercials.  No matter how much the styling is improved, though, a Buick will always be an old person’s car to me.  After all, it’s what my dad drove in his eighties.  When he died, I sold the car.  Wasn’t old enough to drive it myself.

The car looked—and smelled—like it it should be driven by a person with silver hair.

I decided I would never, ever drive a Buick.  Didn’t plan to get that old.

But now, because I’m about to turn sixty, my husband says I’m, “Buick-worthy.”

He shouldn’t be too surprised one day when he gets run over.

By a little gray-haired lady…driving a Buick.


  1. Susie
    Sep 18, 2014

    lol Well done.

    don’t leave any tire marks.

    • Karen Curran
      Sep 19, 2014

      I don’t plan to, Susie:)

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