When I returned home from a week away, I didn’t expect much to be different.  Same husband, same dog, same cat, same house.  I knew George would be wearing a different colored shirt and there would be a full basket of dirty clothes in our closet.  Maybe a few more spatters on the bathroom mirror.  But not much else.

Yet, something was very different.  I noticed it from the minute I saw George at the airport.

He looked…well…older.

How is that possible in six days? 

I didn’t plan to mention my observation to him.  Most people don’t want to be reminded they’re aging.  But I found myself staring at him for several days, wondering how on earth his mustache had turned completely white in only one week’s time.

I finally could hold it in no longer.

“What did you do to your mustache?” I asked.  “It’s so…so white!”

He looked at me quizzically, then smiled and said, “I didn’t do anything to my mustache.  I did shave my beard off while you were gone.”

Ahhhh…….that explained it.  And also proved to me that my powers of observation were…well…growing old, as well.


  1. Susie Dunham
    Sep 3, 2014

    lol poor george. lol oh my goodness… that’s so funny and is something i think i’ve done myself in the past. i just can’t remember.

    love you ~

    • Karen Curran
      Sep 3, 2014

      The joys of growing old:)

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