I’ve passed through some airports lately where I’ve encountered a serious problem in women’s restrooms: the squat-n-sprayer.

Translation: the woman who squats, hovering inches above the toilet seat without actually touching it, to pee.

That’s right, men. There are women who actually do this. Makes you glad you get to stand, doesn’t it?

I assume the reason for the squat is to avoid touching the seat with one’s bum. My solution for germ protection is to place toilet paper on the seat or to use the seat covers that are often available. However, if I enter a stall after a squatter, not even the careful placing of paper is going to keep my butt clean. The pee that the squatter sprayed all over the seat will soak through and get on me.

That is nasty.

My only other choice—well, other than also doing the squat-n-spray–is for me to clean her pee off the seat.

Which is nasty, as well.

Women! Have some consideration for others! Think before you squat!

I’m aware that public restrooms in China consist simply of a large hole in the floor, known as a squatty potty. Everyone has to squat there.

We are not—I repeat, not–in China! We have toilets with comfortable seats where you can even sit and read for a while. For a lot of young moms, it’s the only respite from their kids they can find.

Please, squatters, don’t spoil it for the readers, the mommies and the flight attendants who need a few minutes to take a load off their feet!

Either don’t squat or wipe the seat clean.

How hard can that be?

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