About Karen

If we pass on the street, the thing you will notice first about me is that I’m old.  That’s right.  Old.

All 63 years of me.

If you happen to catch my eye, though, and I smile at you, the smile will make the first impression.  I have a killer smile.  A deceptive smile.  One that brightens my face so much, you almost miss the wrinkles.  Almost.

Get a little closer and you’ll see them—the crow’s feet around the eyes and those wrinkles around my mouth.

The ones around my mouth bother me the most.  In all my years of moisturizing, I ignored my mouth, never considering that wrinkles would form there.  Big mistake!

Each wrinkle is at a different angle, radiating outward in all directions.  If you look at yourself in the mirror and purse your lips, you’ll see what I mean.

Only, I’m not pursing my lips.  Those pucker marks are there when my mouth is perfectly relaxed.

Like I said, I’m old.

But my Heavenly Father has kept me here for a purpose.

I don’t know all that He has in mind, but I embrace the life He has given and I intend to find the lessons and humor in every minute of it!

Welcome to my blog.