There was a shooting a few days ago.  A guy was driving down the road when another driver shot and killed him, then fled the scene.  It’s understandably concerning…a busy road, middle of the afternoon, killer still on the loose.

Citizens are concerned.  Was it a random killing?  Will it happen again?   What was the motive?  What efforts are being made to identify the killer?

Will I be next?

So many questions.  So few answers.

At least none that you will learn from the media.

On the news tonight, a reporter, live from the general vicinity of the shooting, interviewed two men.  Identified as Drivers.

These men expressed opinions that the killer should be found and brought to justice and what a shame it was for the dead man and his family.  They voiced concern about safety on that section of road.  They seemed like nice men.

They were sincere.

Yet, they added absolutely nothing to the story.

You would expect the reporter to inform us about the ongoing investigation and efforts being made to find the shooter.

You would expect to hear from the police chief or sheriff.

Instead, we heard from Drivers.

Thank God we have the media to enlighten us.

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