Squirreling Around

Okay. I admit it. I feed the squirrels in my back yard. Since I like the little rodents, some of my friends think I’m nuts.

            One neighbor keeps a trap in his yard and removes any captured squirrels to woods many miles away. They get in his attic, so he’s trying to stop the partying that awakens him in the middle of the night. He’s tried repairing his home to keep them from gaining entry, but they still find a way. Smart little critters.

            Another friend—this one lives in a rural community—shoots the squirrels in her back yard. She’s already passed the hundred mark. The squirrels get into the motor of her F-150 pickup and chew wires, costing her big bucks in repairs. She’s determined that won’t happen again.

            The squirrels don’t enter my home—neither the attic nor the garage where I keep my vehicles. They are not a nuisance to me but rather a cute, quiet interlude in my day, when they lay spread-eagle, flat on their stomachs on top of my fence. Other times they just sit and stare at my house, waiting for me to come out and give them peanuts. Sometimes, the two regulars fight over the nuts, each hoping to claim them all.

            But this morning, two little guys were sitting side by side on the fence, one with his arm draped over the shoulders of the other. Normal squirrel behavior? Not that I’ve ever seen. Parent-child? Brother and/or sister? No idea. They must have decided, though, that all of their needs could be met if they united, living in peace rather than fighting.

            With all the unrest in this country, I think perhaps these squirrels could teach us a thing or two.

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