The Perfect Submission

Many thanks for your submission. Unfortunately, this one didn’t work for us.

We are sorry to write that we do not feel your project is suitable for our list.

Regrettably, we are unable to accept your manuscript for publication.

I am so full of stories I could burst, yet I can’t seem to choose the right words, or place them in a format that anyone wants to read. Do you ever wonder how many different ways there are to say Rejected? Enough to wallpaper a small room, in my case. I sometimes feel like the practice dummy for a boss who wants to fire an employee. The only difference is that with rejection notices, I don’t have to worry about getting spit in my eye.

It’s not that I’m unfamiliar with good words. I have an extensive vocabulary and could probably win a spelling bee if one were ever offered for adults. My grammar’s not too shabby, either. I have a knack for recognizing good writing and I deeply appreciate it, savoring it to the extent that I constantly have a book in hand. It’s not unusual for my husband to find me curled up with a novel any time of night or day.

What I enjoy reading most are the simple things—picture books, greeting cards, short stories, things that require few words, but where every word counts. Profound words. Words that evoke feelings, that result in hysterical laughter or heartwarming comfort. The Father’s Day card that brings tears to my eyes is invariably the one I send to my dad. The Remember When card that awakens memories of fifty boys crashing a high school girls’ slumber part is my choice for a childhood friend. The cards that focus on the lighter side of turning sixty are the ones I share with fellow baby-boomers.

Some words strike a chord with me, their meanings perfectly in tune with what I want to express. On the scattered occasions when the language actually originates with me, I feel blessed, as if I have uncovered a treasure that is meant to be shared. So I reach out to others with messages uniquely chosen or created for them, to comfort or encourage, to express sympathy or to tease. When the receiver calls in response, often overcome by tears or chortling with laughter, I finally hear what I’ve longed for: Thanks for the words. They were perfect.


  1. Gary
    Jan 18, 2020

    Awesome! I truly get this!! Especially as a songwriter. Way to go!!!

    • Karen Curran
      Jan 18, 2020

      Always looking for the perfect words….

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