Chocolate, Revisited

Dove dark chocolates, in their unmistakable red foil wrappers, are my favorites. I eat lots of them and everyone, friend and family alike, knows of my great weakness for these tasty little pleasures.

When walking our big black dog with my husband on a recent day, I saw one of those red wrappers in the street, the luscious piece of chocolate squished flat by a car tire. Who knows, I may have been the one who dropped it since I always carry an emergency Dove in my pocket, but it distressed me just the same. Such a senseless waste of good chocolate!

My greater concern, though, was the chance my dog would see the morsel. Prince is quick to snatch up anything edible he encounters on our walks regardless of how spoiled it might be, so when I saw the flattened chocolate I warned George to not let him get hold of it. Chocolate can be deadly for dogs.

“Prince isn’t the one I was worried about,” George said, his hand poised to pull me back as he so often does with Prince.   Perhaps a normal reaction for the family member of an addict.

That’s exactly what I am: an addict. Just when did I develop this passion for chocolate? I remember as a preschooler, playing in our backyard in the hot summertime and being thrilled to have M&M’s in my pocket without the worry of them melting. The other memory from that young age was of a playful uncle picking me up by my feet while I had a mouthful of chocolate. Not a good idea. The chocolate ran up the roof of my mouth and into my nose—it actually came out my nose–and burnt like the dickens. I learned that chocolate does not belong in the sinus passages, but obviously, the bad experience did not change my taste or desires.

Nor did my years with teenage acne. My dermatologist included chocolate on my list of banned foods, but I ignored that warning, unwilling to believe that something so good could be so bad.

Through the years I naturally gravitated to chocolate desserts, not wanting to waste calories on anything else. But my favorite remained M&M’s–until Dove dark chocolates appeared. Now, I can’t get enough of those pretty red wrappers.

Chocolate, for me, is one of the major food groups. Though I’ve gone through spells in the past when I’ve eliminated it from my diet, I’m not likely to do so again. I plan to enjoy my twilight years.

But wait a minute… is that a zit on my chin?


  1. Deb
    Apr 23, 2017

    And I miss your chocolate chip cookies…which would also taste good with M&Ms! You and your cookies should come with George on his next visit home🍪

    • Karen Curran
      Apr 23, 2017

      Hmmmm….I haven’t baked cookies in a long time! I should do that!

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