I found the book, Spanish Street Slang, at Barnes and Noble.  Thinking it might be useful in communicating with our growing Mexican population, I flipped through the pages.  The book was organized much like a dictionary or thesaurus, showing words and phrases in alphabetical order.  I read a bit, trying to get an idea of the content.

Quite a surprising experience.

On every other page, I found the word penis. 

That’s right.  Penis.

Of course, I did not read the entire book, but I skimmed at least fifteen pages, covering about ten letters of the alphabet.  And behind every single one of those letters, I found a different word for penis.

Apparently, there is a different word for penis that begins with each of the twenty-nine letters of the Spanish alphabet.

I suppose one shouldn’t be struck dumb when looking at a book designed to teach words, but I was.

Why would anyone use that word so much?  What purpose could they possibly have?

My first thought when I saw the book was that it might be helpful for my friend, Amy, who is a police officer.

After I stopped laughing, however, I returned the book to the shelf, realizing that the book would only be helpful to Amy if she were in a different profession.

A profession on the wrong side of the law.

A hooker, for example….

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