We just bought a king-sized bed.


George and I debated buying one for years, but it was only after I wrote the following in my journal that my decision was made.


November, 2013

          I slept on the wrong side of the bed.  Again.

          I’ve been doing this for close to thirty years now.

          Every night, I think I’ll talk with George about it in the morning, but when morning comes, I forget.  In fact, the only way this story even came into existence was because I got up and wrote it in the middle of the night.

         I don’t know why we decided I would sleep on George’s left side and he would sleep to my right.

         I’ve never been able to sleep while lying on my left side; it upsets my stomach. 

         But I can’t sleep on my right side, either, unless George is facing away from me.  He breathes in through his nose and out through his mouth, so if we’re facing each other, I end up breathing in what is coming out of his mouth.

         Not only am I breathing in carbon dioxide, I’m breathing in night breath, which is really not much different from morning breath (a.k.a. dragon breath).  Nobody wants to breathe that.

         Even when I lie flat on my back, its tentacles reach me.  Standing my pillow up between our heads like a wall is my only defense, but who wants to bother with balancing a pillow while trying to sleep?

         I breathe through my mouth so it seems my breath would be a problem for George as well, but he’s never mentioned it…unless lack of oxygen keeps him from processing why he lacks oxygen.  Could that also be why he sleeps so soundly?

         Every single night I think, we should change sides.

         But we never do.


Two months after writing that, we don’t need to.  Thank God for wide beds!


  1. Cindi Johnson
    Jan 28, 2014

    I so agree! hooray for king size beds. I love that you can sleep close if you want and snuggle or you can have your own space. My own space is certainly necessary in summer or when my own personal summers hit! Enjoy!

    • Karen Curran
      Jan 29, 2014

      Your own “personal summers”…I love that!

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