A cherry is a small round fruit that grows on a tree. It draws attention because of its pretty red color. This handy little fruit has nutritional value as well, contributing to a good night’s sleep, reduced inflammation, and improved heart health.

Cherries are good. I just don’t want them growing on me–like the red spots that currently live on my abdomen and thighs. I had to do research to learn that these tiny blood blisters are called cherry angiomas.

When you see the word, cherry, you expect a good thing.

I can’t say anything good about these spots, except that they keep me from wearing a bikini. For which other beach-goers are thankful.

Apparently, these things appear as people grow older which is why, my research shows, they’re also known as senile angiomas.

Great. I’ve gone from cherry to senile in a matter of minutes.

Pretty good day’s work, wouldn’t you say?

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