The Letter

A letter came announcing the Inaugural Event of the Senior Adult Ministry at my church. It’s appropriate, I suppose, since 200 members have achieved senior status. The ministry will encourage folks to serve together and care for each other, keeping in mind the unique interests and needs of this segment of our membership.

I don’t need Depends yet—not to say I won’t in the near future. But I think my needs aren’t much different than those of a 50-year-old or even a 40-year-old.

Do you know something I don’t know, church leaders? Is that even possible, since I’m older than all of you? Or am I the queen of denial?

I’m sure the spirit behind the letter is good, as is the heart of the dear pastor who wrote it. Caring for others is important and makes a difference to us all, not just the target population shown in bold print at the top of the letter.

Age: 60 to 100!

Note the exclamation point. So exciting. I imagine hordes of people will leap at this opportunity…or at least struggle to their feet aided by cane or walker.

Of course, I’m joking. I know I’m getting old. My problem is the letter was addressed to me.

Only me.

My husband didn’t make the cut. True, he’s a few months younger and has yet to reach the 60 milestone. But we’re a couple. We attend church together…where everyone knows we’re a couple.

So I’m supposed to attend this inaugural event alone? While George does what? Shoots hoops with the youth group?

I just pray both groups will be meeting at church at the same time so George can drive his senior adult wife there safely.

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