Where did it go?

That’s the question when the earring you’re about to attach to your ear lobe slips from your grasp. While you’re sitting on the toilet.

Not everyone can accessorize while using the bathroom, but I’m a multi-tasker. Sometimes that can be risky.

I had just finished arranging my orange/red infinity scarf around my neck atop my black shirt. The shiny gold strands would go well with my gold teardrop earrings, I thought, so I grabbed their small velvet box on my way to the restroom. Soon as I was seated, I removed one and that’s when it happened. Dropped it.

So simply. So quickly.

Did it fall inside my shirt? My bra?

Was it hidden within the folds of my scarf?

In my underwear?

Did it slip between my thighs and land in the toilet with…gasp…the poop???

I hesitated to move. If it wasn’t already in the toilet, it could easily end up there.

I looked around me on the floor. Peeked between my legs.


So finally, with no other option, I stood, and that’s when I saw it. In the seat of my black slacks.


I’ve never been so happy to see an earring in my life.

Lesson learned: Slow down and, to use an old cliché, take time to smell the roses. Or poop, as the case may be.

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