Why Men Aren’t Invited to Baby Showers

1) Women talk about their pregnancies at showers.

2) Fun shower games from a man’s perspective include Pin the Umbilical Cord on the Baby and a pie hole game of Toss the Baby Through the Vagina.

3) Men don’t ooh and aah over onesies, receiving blankets, and crib sheets.

4) Shower food consisting of miniature cupcakes, grapes, veggies, and cheese cubes is too insubstantial for guys.

5) Women share birth experiences at showers.

6) Cloth versus disposable diapers is a prime topic of conversation.

7) Men are biased on the debate of whether or not babies should be nursed in public.

8) Shower d├ęcor is silly.

9) Wine is not served at showers.

10) Neither is beer.

11) And there’s no ballgame showing on the TV.


  1. Susie
    Jan 31, 2015

    Ha! Those man shower games are a riot.

    • Karen Curran
      Feb 6, 2015

      My son dreamed up the shower games:)

  2. Jen
    Feb 18, 2015

    1) Men should hear birth stories, both from women and from other men. It’s not easy to see the woman you love experience pain for hours, and the man should most definitely be there with her through all those hours!
    2) men should be included in the cloth vs disposable debate. Real men change diapers.

    • Karen Curran
      Feb 18, 2015

      I agree with you 100%!!!

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