What is Christmas? Have you ever thought to define it?

I see two words, Christ and mass, representing the day we celebrate the coming of our Savior Who, out of love for us, ultimately gave His body and His blood, the holy Eucharist. He was, and is, a personal Gift for each of us, the greatest we will ever receive. We rejoice as we think of the Child in the manger and we are overwhelmed with thanks as we consider our Redeemer on the cross.

The angels, ecstatic at His birth, praised God with singing and a heavenly display of fireworks. They couldn’t help but share their excitement, which was so obvious to the shepherds keeping watch during the night that they were drawn into the celebration.

When I look at the night sky, it seems I can see lights from miles away, making me wonder if the show two thousand years ago could have been seen by people in nearby towns. Were the people asleep or too consumed by their activities to look upward? Did they see the lights, shrug their shoulders in confusion and choose to ignore?

Maybe it was God’s intent to make the display clear only to the lowliest of the low, hiding the celebration from others. I like to think the angels were following Jesus’ way of reaching for the poor and downtrodden. They knew His heart even before seeing how He would walk among men: caring, healing, giving, and forgiving.

Am I like the townspeople who were unable to see or am I more like the shepherds? I have a comfortable home and more food and clothes than I will ever need, but my sin is vile, rendering me lowly and unworthy. The best that I offer Jesus is so tainted it is reduced to mere rags. Yet, Jesus loves me. He continues to reach for me, offering life and hope. If I will sit in the quiet, resting, waiting, watching like the shepherds, He will show me His Glory.


Our Gift and eternal Hope.

Something to celebrate every day!





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