When people learn of my skydiving adventure, their first question seems to be, Are you glad you did it? For the first month, my quick response was, No! The experience scared me so badly, I didn’t foresee ever being glad that I did it.

But I am learning to never say, never.

The writer, Alice Hoffman, has long mesmerized me with her intricately woven novels, but she impressed me, yet again, with her 2013 publication called, Survival Lessons. After fighting a battle with breast cancer, an illness I, too, have fought, Alice wrote this small book to share her thoughts on finding beauty in the world, even in tough times. In an effort to encourage people to try new things, she writes, “If you try and fail at some new endeavor, what difference does it make? None at all, unless you are jumping out of a plane.”

Which led me to think I am glad I did not fail when I went skydiving.

Which further led me to the thought that I am glad I went skydiving.

Wonder of wonders!

At the rate my mind is processing this event and changing from it, there’s no telling what my future holds.

Will you still be doing tandem skydives for the next few years, Danger Dan? You might just see me again….

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