I love words.

They roll through my head all hours of day and night.

Sometimes I’m searching for the right word to use in an e-mail. Sometimes, though, it’s just the answer for a crossword puzzle.

I blame my daughter-in-law, Jen, for the crosswords. She stayed with us one summer and enlisted my help on the daily puzzle from the newspaper. By the time she left, I was hooked.

Oh, joy.

Some of the words used in puzzles are downright stupid. A clue such as, on the ocean, calls for this answer: asea.

Seriously? Who uses a word like that?

I like simple words that get a point across without causing someone to question their meaning. A Sunday sermon was once lost on me after the preacher used the word conundrum. I knew I had learned that word at some point, but I couldn’t seem to find it in my internal files. I wondered about its meaning until I got home and pulled out the dictionary. Conundrum means mystery. So…why not just use the word mystery? Everyone knows what that means.

Most of the words circulate when I’m in bed trying to sleep.

Could explain the insomnia.

It’s great in a way, though, because I think of what I want to say and of the best way to say it. And before I forget those words, I type them into the memo pad on my cell phone without even turning on a light.

Capturing them feels like triumph.

I don’t feel that way about numbers, which is odd since I’m an accountant. A CPA, actually, so I’ve spent some serious hours working on my profession. I’m meticulous about making the balance sheet balance and the bank accounts reconcile.

But numbers do not satisfy me. They don’t evoke thoughts, feelings or actions, nor do they allow me to express those things. They’re like eating junk food: they fill my stomach, but they don’t nourish me and I’m left wanting more.

So, I think and I pray and I write.

And I am satisfied.

Word after word after word.


  1. Susie
    Aug 15, 2014

    oh, i love this… words… friends… one in the same.

    • Karen Curran
      Aug 16, 2014

      Yes, they are:)

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