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My thighs are fat They carry my weight As opposed to my back Which never over-ate. I walk miles each day To keep them trim But still they pucker There’s no shrinking them. My wrists are small Ankles, as well My arms don’t have flaps But my thighs…What the hell? I’m shaped like my mom Though quite a bit smaller And she never exercised So, my thighs-why the horror? I massage them, use lotion That’s s’posed to melt fat Do leg lifts and squatties But still, look at that. Diets won’t shrink them And still they wobble Each cell has a mouth Seeking food to gobble. Is chocolate the problem? Lord, please, NO! ‘cause that’s one thing I can never let go! I’m an addict, it’s true, And I say it with pride. No shame in chocoholism I won’t be denied. So when kids say, “Granny,...