The Things That Drive Us

Men and their toys—or should I say, cars? And I don’t mean toy cars. A man’s image is often tied to what he drives; most women are no different. The other day when my friend, Betsy, and I went to Radnor Lake State Park to hike, a Porsche in the parking lot caught our eyes. There was an older man behind the wheel whose face took on a smug expression when he saw us looking. He seemed pleased to be noticed as he simply sat in the parking lot with his motor running, apparently more interested in being seen in that car than on any hiking trails. Betsy loves to spot expensive cars, especially when there’s a good-looking man behind the wheel. As we were headed home from the park, she started salivating over the Rolls Royce driving abreast of us. The driver appeared to...


I use FaceBook to keep up with the lives of my friends, to hear about funny experiences, things they’ve learned, and milestones in their lives. I don’t use it to see what they’re having for dinner. I’m not going to comment on the food you have chosen to eat. No “good job” or “happy for you” will be coming from me. And I sure as heck am not going to Like it. I’ll gladly share a meal with you at home or at a restaurant. Feel free to order anything you’d like. If it’s not pretty, I’ll ignore it. But I might just stick a needle in my eye if I have to look at one more picture of mashed Mexican beans that resemble what I pick up after my dog every day.