Confused Birds

The robin sat on our back fence with a clump of dried grass in his beak. We guessed he was building a nest, but he seemed content to sit rather than work. Five minutes passed. Then ten minutes, and he still sat there. Was he lost? Did he forget the directions the little wife gave? We could almost hear him thinking…. Where did she say it was? On a porch rafter? He looked to his right. On the floodlight next to the gutter? Then, to his left. In the tree behind me? He glanced over his right shoulder. Where is that nest? George and I empathized, reminded of our experience in a parking lot during a recent vacation. We came out of a store and couldn’t find our car. Where is it? I wondered. Didn’t I park in this row? No. I moved to the right. Was it this row? Still...

Birthday Surprise

The card I planned to send to Grandson Josiah for his second birthday was perfect, with its picture of Noah’s ark, animals two-by-two, and the sentiment that, “God sure likes the number two.” Before I mailed it, though, I showed it to George to share the cuteness. Good thing I did! He read it a bit more carefully than me and noted that the card also said, “hey birthday girl.” Oops. This granny is headed back to the card shop.